Now offering EASY AT HOME DIY Gown Cleaning + Preservation Kits!

What We Do


Our difference

We take care of each garment as if it were our own.

Janay, the owner of Janay A Eco Bridal and Simply Preserved, personally hand cleans each gown and is an expert in bridal design, alterations, and heirloom gowns.  

Having worked with thousands of heirloom gowns since 2005, Janay and her team have seen many interesting things come out of old gown preservation boxes, as brides use their mother's and grandmother's gowns.  By seeing what has worked well (and not), she has created the Simply Preserved Process.

In our time in this industry, and with the mentorship of a museum preservationist, we have come across just about every type of fabric,  embroidery and finishing and developed a unique system to clean and preserve gowns for decades to come.

Unlike dry-cleaners of other gown preservation companies, we perform all cleaning and preservation IN HOUSE.  Any other bridal store that offers this service is outsourcing it to a dry-cleaner (that means lots of transport and handling of your gown and more risk!)

Here, your gown is HAND Cleaned, never being touched by machines (which is what every other cleaning service uses... generally with many other gowns and garments in the same wash... super icky!).

We also use filtered water for cleaning, and the chemicals and bleach in city tap water can damage garments over time.

 Museum Preservation

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the best Museum Quality Preservation, which is totally unlike anything offered by a regular dry-cleaner!

We developed this process through working with a museum conservationist expert, and use only PH balanced, Acid-Free, inert materials that will age well with your gown (instead of the plastic wrappings that can off-gas chemicals and damage precious fabrics).

Our methods and materials are the same ones used by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other institutions that preserve antique garments, so you know yours will stand the test of time.  

We also include special care instructions in the package! 

Eco Friendly

We only use natural solvents to clean garments, that will not cause harm in the water source, and be safe your for daughter to someday play with your gown and not worry about it-- regular gown preservation companies are sealing all those chemicals, and smell BAD when opened!

We also use paper boxes that are sustainably sourced.  We use NO PLASTIC in the gown cleaning process or preservation (so that crystal viewing window some companies have is bad for your dress!).

All garment specialists agree that plastic will hold in moisture that the garment contains, which increases the risk of damage caused by mildew.

The garment should be actually be opened once in awhile and checked, and is packages so that the material can breathe.

We individually clean each gown to perfection, and look forward to working with your special treasure!

Our OH So Many Special Touches

We wrap your gown in a cotton fabric cover inside the box (*NEW FEATURE*), include a hand-packed lavender sachet, to keep your gown smelling fresh and deter any pests.

Your gown will come with white cotton gloves so you can get it out as you wish... unlike other "preservation" companies that seal your gown in plastic and don't insure it after you have "broken the seal"... we WANT you to have access to your gown!

We include special silica gel packets that can be checked and recharged.

We include a special custom label on your gown box with your name and wedding date, also!

We advise opening it up yearly (a great thing to do on your anniversary!) to refold the garment and inspect it, and will include a specialty care instruction sheet.