How much does shipping cost?
All shipping in the continental U.S. is complimentary. This is includes the shipping of the kit to you, the pre-paid label to use when sending your gown in and the shipping of the preserved garment back to you. 

My gown is covered in sequins and beads. Will there an additional charge to clean it?
No, we charge a flat rate for all gowns, regardless of size, fabric, beading etc.

My gown is silk and the hem is completely covered in mud and dirt, will you be able to clean it?
We use the most gentle cleaning methods available in order to best care for your garment. We will pre-spot and clean your garment up to three times to achieve best results.

Will I be able to see my gown once it is preserved?
Yes, you will be able to see your gown through a large window on the box. 

I want to ship my gown from a different address that where I would like it to be sent once it is preserved. Is this possible?
Absolutely. When placing your order, use the address where the gown will be coming from in the shipping address section so that the shipper kit will be sent there. Your shipper kit will include a copy of your order, be sure to write in the address where you would like the preserved gown to be sent on your paperwork and include this with your gown. We will update our records accordingly once we have received your gown and paperwork. 

I just placed my order online, what next?
Once your order is placed online, we will send your shipper kit (this includes a garment bag and box to pack your gown, a pre-paid UPS shipping label and your order paperwork) to send your gown to us. Be sure to put the gown in the bag and tie or tape it shut, then put the bag and paperwork in the box. Bring this to your nearest Fedex drop-off with the label that was provided in your kit.

My gown is really dirty, there are several areas that are stained. Will I be charged an additional amount for cleaning?
There is no additional cost for a stained gown. We will clean it to the best of our ability, without risking any damage to the gown.

I am leaving for my honeymoon and don't want my gown to be returned while I am away, is it possible to hold my gown until I am back?
Certainly, we just ask that you indicate the date you will be returning on your order paperwork.

Additional questions? Send us an email at hello@simply-preserved.com