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Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette

wedding gown preservation

While the rules of etiquette can sometimes seem old-fashioned, there are a few that will never go out of style. Read on for our tips on wedding gift giving etiquette.

Gifts should be sent within 3 months of the wedding. This can mean three months before or after the ceremony but any longer than that is a faux-pas.

What should I spend? If you are bringing a date, it’s a good idea to give a joint gift of a higher value than you would have given had you attended solo.

Here are some guidelines to help you determine the appropriate amount to spend on a wedding gift:

$50-75 for a Distant Friend or Relative or Coworker

$75-100 for a Friend or Relative

$100-150 for a Close Friend or Relative

Buy from the registry. While you might have seen a glass set that practically screams the couple’s name, when it comes to gift giving, stick with the registry. It’s not that they won’t like what you’ve picked out for them, but they might already have that item and are in need of a different one.

Don’t feel like you need to bring your gift to the ceremony. Sending your gift to the couple’s home is perfectly polite and will save a bunch of time and effort for that lucky relative who is responsible for transporting all of the gifts!

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