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Top 10 Reasons To Have Your Gown Preserved

  1. Keeping your gown sealed in garment bag or plastic can trap moisture causing mildew
  2. To save for the next generation. Many brides choose to wear their mother's gown on their wedding day, what better way to incorporate "Something Borrowed"
  3. To free up some space in your closet
  4. To keep bugs, smoke, sharp objects away from your gown
  5. To clean any stains that might appear later on, for example, sugar based stains such as champagne or white wine
  6. To preserve your memories
  7. To protect the investment you made in your gown 
  8. Hanging your dress in a closet can stretch and distort the fabric content. It's best for the gown to keep it mounted in a preservation box.
  9. Our acid free packaging is the ideal fabric environment for your gown
  10. It's easy, hassle-free with complimentary shipping

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