Dreamy Dress Love for After the Wedding!

Silk Astrid & Mercedes Gown

This adorable Astrid & Mercedes gown came to us after our client’s wedding in Parkville, MO at The Hawthorne House. The bride wore a gown from Lea Ann Belter's Astrid & Mercedes collection, veil by Sara Gabriel and shoes by Betsey Johnson. Her gown was 100% silk taffeta and had quite a soiled hemline from her summer wedding where pictures were taken outdoors, mostly on the grass.

Our client’s main concern was the hem area on her gown, as she hoped to one day give it to her daughter. However, in the condition that it was in, she knew that it needed to be cleaned, treated and preserved as soon as possible.

Upon receiving her gown, we were able to carefully inspect the stained areas and determine the best course of action for stain removal. Treating wedding gowns that are soiled or stained is a delicate balance between selecting the proper solutions and techniques to remove the stain without compromising the gown’s fabric content.

Our client chose to include her veil and her bridal shoes with her gown. We cleaned the heels of her shoes as they were stained with mud and grass to get them looking their best.

Check out the finished product below!