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"I’ve Had My Gown Cleaned and Preserved, Now What?"

So, you’ve spent weeks patiently waiting to get your wedding gown back after sending it in for cleaning and preservation and it has just been delivered to you. Now what?

Firstly, feel free to open the overpack and take a look at your gown. We want to make sure that you are just as in love with your preserved gown as the day you wore it!

Next you’ll want to think about storage. Where will you keep your gown? There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on where and how to store your gown.

Here are the key factors that can negatively affect your gown once it has been preserved:

It's best to keep your gown out of any hot temperatures. Ideally your gown should be stored in temperatures below 75 degrees. 

The dryer the better! Moisture can seep through just about anything over time. This can be especially harmful to your gown as it could potentially cause mold to develop, yuck!

Your preserved gown will be returned to you in a sealed box that sits inside of an overpack box. The purpose of the overpack is to keep sunlight off of your gown as it can cause yellowing. Keep your gown out of direct sunlight for best results.

Best storage spots:

  • In your closet (or in a guest bedroom closet if you are short on space)
  • Under a bed


  • Storage containers
  • Hot attics
  • Damp basements
  • Outdoor sheds

And remember, if at any time you wish to take your gown out of preservation, we offer complimentary re-sealing for all of our customers!